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anti-inflammatory beverage

7 Ways to Relieve Back Pain Naturally

There is a wide range of all-natural treatments to soothe your back, which can help reduce the intake of drugs or supply an added advantage to you...
Best water exercises for the back

Water Therapy Exercises For Your Back

The methods made use of in-water treatment exercises for neck and back pain include a spa treatment, standing or drifting pool workouts, swimming, ...
Sharp stitch on the left side of the back.

4 Reasons You May Have Back Pain on Only One Side

The pain may come on all of a sudden, as a sharp stitch on the left side of your back. Or it might pulsate to life on your best side, growing grad...
Back hurt in the morning

Why Does My Back Hurt in the Morning?

  Have you ever gotten up in the morning and experienced unexpected lower neck and back pain? You're not alone. Back pain prevails. It's also of...