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ergonomic car seat cushion

Why Your Car Seat Needs a Memory Foam Cushion: Comfort and Health Benefits

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The Importance of Ergonomics in Everyday Life

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lumbar pain



This Travel pillow is going to be amazing! It is soft yet has support! It folds into this attached bag which can also hold the earplugs and eye mask. The eye mask is adjustable and light tight! it has raised eyes so it won't mess up your makeup like others. The earplugs are an added bonus! I plan on getting my hubby one too so we won't have to fight over this one! This was a great price and is way better than the ones you pay too much for in the airport! I forgot about back pain.

stephanie ward

I got this combo to split up. I wanted some cushioning for my car seat and the back support at work. The memory foam seat cushion fits perfectly in my car. I drive long trips often and find that my back is killing me by the time we hit our destination. I used this and for the first time in months I don't feel any lower back stiffness when we get to the end. I took a picture with my seat covers off so you can see how it fits the seat but I have covers that make it all blend. I love this and am so glad I found it.
The back support is something I needed for my chair. I recently got promoted from a moving around position to a desk position. Sitting at my desk all day was causing poor posture and upper back pain. I attached this in seconds and for the past few days I am doing much better.


This bundle was just right for me. I love the memory foam cushion, it is super comfortable and has an opening for your tailbone so you can relieve the pressure off that area. It is also a little contoured and just fits to your body. The back support has a mesh material and is really breathable. It gives me just that little extra support I need to take the strain off my lower back. Happy with my purchase!

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