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What might Cause Back Pain Only on One Side?

reasons for back pain on only one side

The discomfort may begin all of a sudden, as a sharp stitch on the left side of your back. Or it may throb to life on your right side, growing worse slowly every day. No matter its specific place, though, something is sure: Back pain isn't fun - however, it's a familiar problem. That pain can radiate from the bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, or a combination of sources. Way of life plays its part in neck and back pain, too. Everything from sports injuries and bad posture to weight problems and mental stress can add to pain in the back.

In case the pain is segregated to one side, you might question what exactly is going on. The discomfort could represent something minor from which your body will recover itself, or it could suggest a more severe condition. One-sided pain in the back is a relatively common issue.

So what signs to watch for and what neck and back pain on one side may imply?

Tissue Injuries

Injuries to the spine structures can happen in the muscles, discs, or joints, and comprise the most typical cause of pain in the back on only one side. They often take place after small injuries or from an effect in sports or an automobile mishap.

Tissue injuries typically cause pain central to the spine, but they can cause pain totally on either the right side or the left side of the back. And of tissue injuries in general, muscle pressures are the most common reason for lower back pain on one side.

Poor posture is another possible perpetrator of this type of one-sided back pain. Generally, when you sit, whatever ought to be at a 90-degree angle: knees, ankles, hips, and elbows.

Internal Organ Problems

You may not think of them, but pain on the right side or left side of your back might originate from the organs in your mid-back, stomach, or pelvic location. That pain might signify infection, swelling, or irritation, and the possible afflicted organs include:

  • Kidneys
  • Pancreas
  • Colon
  • Uterus

There is plenty of one-sided concerns you could have from pelvic or abdominal structures. However, it's not the typical back pain people think of, for example, kidney stone pain tends to radiate from the flank down to the groin.

Your kidneys live towards your lower back and can trigger pain if infected. However, if you're experiencing kidney stones or a kidney infection, you'll likely have other symptoms, too, including discomfort when urinating, nausea, or fever. 

Persistent inflammation of the big intestine, called ulcerative colitis, can likewise cause pain in the back - together with abdominal cramping, digestive issues, weight loss, and tiredness, also.

And in ladies, pelvic pain from endometriosis or fibroids can radiate into the lower right back. This discomfort often includes other issues, too, including irregular menstruation, frequent urination, and discomfort throughout sexual intercourse.

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back pain on one side

Bones Issues

Arthritis, bone spurs, or back stenosis (a narrowing of the spine) also all may trigger pain on one side of the back. The pain may radiate down the leg or cause a weak point. For example, if someone has right hip discomfort from arthritis, he might stroll in a manner suggested preventing falling and reduce hip irritation. But this person might have left-side back pain as a result.

We can add that this settlement might not be something your body does consciously. It's just the body safeguarding itself from making the pain worse, which triggers muscles and other joints to be excessive used or over-fatigued. Your treatment depends on how badly the problem disrupts your life (issues like walking, sitting, and other activities). Your doctor will discuss your ideal treatment options based upon the seriousness of your symptoms.

Keep in mind that while aggravating, finding the best treatment that works for your particular neck and back pain will likely take some time, trial, and error.

Emergency Symptoms

Nobody wants to rush to the Emergency Room over back pain. However, it's essential to take the right-side or left-side neck and back pain seriously. If your pain in the back is severe or you think it could be an emergency, go to the emergency room. You'll also want to acknowledge if it's taking place in combination with other symptoms, such as spine tenderness, swelling, or bowel or bladder issues.

However, emergency symptoms, that cause back pain, don't necessarily have to do only with the back! An abdominal aortic aneurysm causes the abdominal aorta to the balloon and, in many cases, rupture. If the aneurysm ruptures, there is typically associated with unexpected and severe stomach or chest discomfort radiating to one side of the back. It's essential to familiarize yourself with emergency symptoms and seek medical attention right away if you suspect you might be having a concern.


In basic, keep in mind: It's better to be extremely careful while handling pain in the back on your right or left side. Specifically be alert, if the pain disrupts your everyday life or begins unexpectedly and doesn't disappear with rest or medication.

Talk with your doctor or go to an emergency to learn what's exactly going on with your back.

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