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What causes lower back pain in females

what causes lower back pain in females

The human back is made up of a complicated structure of muscles, the spinal column, ligaments, tendons, and bones. It is one of the weight-bearing areas of our body. Thus, pain in the back is a really common problem. In basic, practically everyone will experience neck and back pain in their lifetime. It has several reasons for small to significant. Pain in the back affects any age for different factors. As individuals age, the possibility of returning discomfort are increasing. Back pain can vary from moderate, periodic discomfort, to persistent, extreme, disabling discomfort.


The way you walk, sit or move frequently affects a great deal of your back health. There are 24 vertebrae (little bones) which are together known as the spinal column. Those small bones are connected by a gel-like cushion called a vertebral disc. So, when one of them got harmed, you may feel dull, aching pain. There are some other severe reasons for pain in the back too. Not all back pains are the same. Hence, stay mindful when you have frequent back pain.


Typical reasons for pain in the back.


Sedentary lifestyle

This is among the common causes of pain in the back. When you sit for a very long time for work or you are simply lazy to move, you might experience pain in the back, tightness, or anxiety. When you sit for long, your back muscles might get locked due to lack of exercise and you feel discomfort. So, just extend your muscles whenever you get time for relaxation.


Incorrect posture

Extended screen time can impact your posture and poor posture can trigger pain in the back or increase your existing pain. Not only screen time but your standing or walking style can likewise affect your posture. The wrong posture increases the strain on the muscles and ligaments which leads to back pain.


Back injuries

what causes back pain in females

Injuries are the significant cause of pain in the back in ladies. Injuries like overuse of muscles or sprains commonly happen due to heavy lifting or unexpected movements that causes middle or lower back pain. These muscle overuse injuries are common in pregnancy.


Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Many females get this condition before menstruation called premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Symptoms such as lower back pain, stomach pain, headache, mood swings, and so on.


Agonizing menstruation

Very uncomfortable menstruation is known as dysmenorrhea. In some cases, it can be so extreme in some females. It might likewise cause severe abdominal discomfort, leg discomfort, and hip discomfort. The pains are from dull to serious and last for 3-4 days.



Sciatica is caused by compression of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve present in the backside of your leg takes a trip from the lower spine to your leg. Sciatica triggers burning or shock-like discomfort.


Muscle sprain

It prevails in individuals when they lift obese in incorrect form or abrupt moves. Symptoms include discomfort and tightness of muscles. Rest and if needed pain relievers can relieve your grievances.


Rare reasons for back pain


Bulging disc

The bulging disc also referred to as a slipped disc takes place when the gel-like cushion bulges out and compresses neighboring nerves. As you age, this danger increases because these discs become dehydrated and stiff. A bulging disc causes shooting pains in the back which radiates to the legs. Traumatic accidents or sudden movements can cause this problem.



Woman suffering from Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a gynecological problem that triggers uterus tissues to grow outside the womb. In this condition, there is persistent neck and back pain that normally flares throughout menses. Other symptoms consist of painful menstruation, pain in the genital region, and lower stomach pain.



Specific back cancers and uterine cancers (like cancer of the cervix, and cancer of endometriosis) can trigger serious and enduring pain in the back. They can be described as the discomfort of metastatic breast or lung cancer.


Pelvic inflammatory diseases

Lots of females have chronic neck and back pain and pain where pelvic inflammatory illness (PID) can be a cause. It provides lower back pain, stomach pain, fever, and unusual vaginal discharge. PID is generally a bacterial infection that can be dangerous if unattended.


Disc degeneration

The disc can be triggered due to aging, injuries, or recurring motions. The pain can encompass the buttocks and legs from the back. The pain is usually long-standing and dull and alleviated by rest.


Kidney infection

It is also referred to as pyelonephritis where you may present with lower stomach discomfort, back pain, and groin discomfort. It likewise includes chills with fever and frequent urination.


Back pain conditions that affect women


Piriformis syndrome

The piriformis muscle is a large muscle located deep within the buttocks. Discomfort originating from the spasms of your piriformis muscle is called piriformis syndrome. This syndrome impacts ladies more due to hormones and pregnancy-related modifications in the pelvis.


The signs of piriformis syndrome could be a failure to sit for a long time, radiating pain from the back of your thigh to your legs, and persistent pain in the butt and hip location that worsens due to hip movement.


Sacroiliac joint dysfunction

The sacroiliac joint is the location that connects the bottom of your spine to your pelvis. Discomfort radiating from this location is determined as sacroiliac joint dysfunction or sacroiliitis. These types of joint issues are more typical reasons for lower back pain.


Women have a smaller-sized SI joint area than men, which leads to a greater concentration of tension across the joint. Some typical functions of SI joint pain are lower neck and back pain, shooting acute pain down the thigh not going past the knee location, and a dull, consistent discomfort straight over the butt.


Back osteoarthritis

Spinal osteoarthritis causes a breakdown of the fibrous cartilage in the aspect joints (joints that link your vertebrae). With the cushioning supplied by cartilage, your bones may rub together, triggering friction and pain.


Typical symptoms of back osteoarthritis consist of back tightness and discomfort in the morning and pain in your lower back area, upper back, thighs, groin, and butts.



Pain in the coccyx (tail location of the spinal column) majorly happens due to injury. The condition prevails in females due to distinctions in the shape of the hips due to injury associated with giving birth. Pain due to coccydynia can occur while taking a seat, sitting on difficult surfaces, standing from a seated posture, and leaning in reverse partly while sitting.

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