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Tips for Taking a trip When You Have Back Pain, Part 2

Tips for TRAVEL When You Have Back Pain

Do It All, Just Not in One Day

Even if you’re not a planner, try to map out your trip. If one day involves a lot of walking or other activities, balance it with something more restful the next day. Look into bus tours that allow you to hop on and off so you can take in more sights with less strain. And of course, wear comfy clothes and shoes. Slip-ons are ideal for airports.


Tips for TRAVEL When You Have Back Pain

Keep Stress in Check

Few things ramp up anxiety like unexpected problems away from home, which can make the pain even worse. Plan as much as possible to help put your mind at ease. Talk to your travel buddies and let them know you need to account for rest breaks into your trip. If you can afford it, get a massage or spa treatment. Distract yourself from the pain with a book, video, or music. Tablets are lightweight and perfect for this.


Tips for TRAVEL When You Have Back Pain

Drink Water and Rest

It’s easy to get swept up in the adventure of travel, but don’t forget the basics. Stay hydrated to help manage your pain. Bring an empty water bottle through security and fill it on the other side. And don’t skip out on sleep. Your body needs time to recharge, so bring along whatever you need to ensure good shut-eye.


Tips for TRAVEL When You Have Back Pain

Talk to the Health Pros

Your doctor can give you travel advice specific to your condition, especially if you’re unsure about how particular activities will go for you. Others, like occupational therapists and driving rehab specialists, may offer great ideas, too. For example, rental car companies provide cars with things like swivel seats that can make them more user-friendly for you.


Tips for TRAVEL When You Have Back Pain

Tap Into the Web

Countries, states, and cities often have tons of information online about more accessible or comfortable travel options. San Diego, for instance, offers free beach wheelchairs and tips for taking in theater and getting your shopping done when you have a hard time getting around. There are lots of groups and even specialized travel agents who can connect you with the right resources to make your travel as pain-free as possible.


Tips for TRAVEL When You Have Back Pain

Load a Comfort Kit

Do not skimp on this one. Ensure you have a lot of heat wraps, cold packs, and relaxing creams. A little pillow can go a long method, too. Shift it around - behind your back, under your bottom - to alter your body position. If you're shorter, a collapsible footrest help.

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Tips for TRAVEL When You Have Back Pain

Medication Tips

Keep your medications in your carry-on, so you always have access to them. Bring more than you believe you'll need given that you never know when you might get stuck. If you usually get shots for pain, get them before you leave. Keep all drugs in their original containers to avoid problems at security or customs. If your meds need to enter the fridge, call your hotel ahead of time to make sure your space has one.


Tips for TRAVEL When You Have Back Pain

Fly Direct, or Lay Over?

It depends. Long flights can make discomfort even worse. However, they cut your travel time. Connecting flights may mean hurrying through airports. But you get a chance to stretch and utilize more available bathrooms on the ground. Attempt to leave a minimum of 90 minutes for your layover. Ask the airline company about transport to your next gate.



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