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Pulled Back Muscle

If you're tormented with pain in your lower back, you're not alone. Around 4 in 5 grownups eventually experience lower back pain. Of those, 1 in 5 have symptoms that develop into a long-term problem, with discomfort lasting more than a year.

Indeed, age is a vital factor. With people 30 and older having lower back pain is more common, yet there are other typical causes for it. It is most often due to:

  • natural bone loss that happens with aging;
  • absence of physical activity;
  • being obese;
  • on-the-job injuries, including heavy lifting;
  • poor posture or way too much sitting. 

Being out of shape can contribute to the issue. However, well-conditioned professional athletes and young children can also experience lower back pain.


pulled muscle in back

Signs of a Pulled Muscle in the Lower Back

A pulled muscle in your lower back can be very painful. These are typical signs and symptoms you may experience:

  • your back harming a lot more when you move, less when you stay still;
  • pain in your back radiating down into your buttocks but not typically reaching your legs;
  • muscle aches or back spasms;
  • difficulty walking or bending;
  • difficulty standing up straight.


pulled back muscle

Is it a Pinched Nerve or Pulled Muscle in the Lower back?

A pulled muscle occurs when you tear or overstretch some of the muscle fibers. This can happen if you overwork the muscle or twist it too hard. You will most likely start feeling discomfort and swelling, and the area will hurt to the touch. You might even notice redness or bruising.

A pinched nerve, or nerve compression, happens when the pressure in an area triggers the nerve impulses to be partially blocked. You might experience an emitting, burning pain in the affected area.

A pulled muscle in your lower back could potentially cause a pinched nerve. A herniated disc in your back can also be the reason. If you feel radiant discomfort that extends into your legs, go to a medical professional immediately.


pulled muscle in lower back

Left Side Lower Back Pain

Many people experience muscle pain on just one side of their backs. This can be triggered by compensating for a sore joint, like a hip or knee. For example, if your hip joints are weak, you may be putting stress on the opposite side of your lower back.

Nonetheless, lower back pain on your left side may also be caused by:

  • ulcerative colitis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • infected kidney or kidney stones on that side;
  • gynecological concerns, like fibroids.


low back pain relief products

Mesh Lumbar Back Support Cushion

If you spend a lot of time sitting you, most likely, can have aches in your lower back. To help you, we can propose to use Mesh Lumbar Back Support Cushion. It will not only ensure instant pain and discomfort relief but also will help prevent lower back area injuries. Another great feature is how it is easy to set it up so you could feel comfortable without making the extra effort.

Right side Lower Back Pain

Discomfort on only one side of your lower back might be triggered by overusing your muscles in a particular way. For instance, if your job requires you to twist to one side repetitively, you might pull the muscle on just one side of your back.

Nevertheless, if your discomfort is focused in your lower right back, it may be caused by:

  • endometriosis or fibroids in women;
  • testicular torsion in males, in which a blood vessel to the testes becomes twisted;
  • kidney infection or kidney stones on that particular side;
  • appendicitis.


thoracic muscle strain

Treatment for a Pulled Muscle in the Lower Back

If you do pull a lower back muscle, you can do several things to relieve the swelling and discomfort:

  • Apply ice or warmth

It's an excellent idea to ice your back as soon as possible to decrease swelling. However, don't use an ice pack directly to your skin. Cover it in a towel and put it on the sore area for 10 - 20 minutes per time.

After a couple of days, you can start using heat. Make sure not to leave a heating pad on for more than about 20 mins each time and don't sleep with it.

  • OTCs

Over-the-counter (OTC) anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen (Advil) or naproxen (Aleve) can help reduce inflammation and also swelling. This subsequently helps ease the discomfort. While these drugs can be effective, they additionally have numerous side effects and also should not be used for extended periods.

Additionally, make sure your existing medications don't interact with anti-inflammatories. Seek kids' variations of anti-inflammatories at your pharmacy.

  • Massage therapy

Massage therapy may help reduce your pain and also loosen up tense muscles. There are pain-relieving OTC creams available that can be applied to your skin.

  • Compression

Compressing the muscles can help keep the swelling down. That, in turn, helps maintain your discomfort controlled.

Effective compression for your lower back will probably require a back brace. Please do not put it on too tightly, and do not leave it on all the time. Your muscles need blood flow to recover.

  • Rest

While bed rest might ease your pain, it's not suggested except for brief periods. Try lying on your back with a pillow under your knees or on the floor with your knees bent.

You may discover it useful to limit your activity for several days after you pull a back muscle. However, resting for longer than that can weaken muscles. It's ideal to slowly increase your back strength up as soon as you can.


what does a pulled muscle feel like

Exercises for a Pulled Muscle in Lower Back

There are several exercises you can perform to help your lower back heal. Not only will they relieve the muscle spasms you may be having, but they also make your back stronger, so it's not as likely to get injured once again.

Below are a couple of simple extending exercises. Take them gradually and also move slowly into each position. If any of these make your pain in the back worse, stop and visit a physician.

1. Twists

  • Lie on your back with your legs extended before you.
  • Bend your right knee slightly and cross your right leg over the left side of your body.
  • Hold it as though you feel mild stretching throughout your back.
  • Hold for 20 seconds, then do it on the other side.
  • Repeat three times.

2. Knee pulls

  • Lie on your back with your feet pointed upwards.
  • Wrap your hands around one of your shins and gently draw your knee up to your chest. Stretch your chin down to your chest while performing it.
  • Hold for 20 seconds or up until you feel your muscles loosen, then do it on the other leg.
  • Repeat three times.

3. Cat-cow pose

  • Kneel on a flat surface with your hands on the flooring directly under your shoulders. Knees beneath your hips.
  • Exhale and delicately let your back curve downwards.
  • Inhale and arch your back upwards.
  • Hold each position for about10 seconds.
  • Repeat ten times.


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When to See a Doctor

While lower back pain is common and is usually not an emergency, get medical attention asap if you experience any one of these symptoms:

  • abdominal throbbing;
  • problem maintaining balance or walking;
  • severe discomfort that continues for more than a couple of days;
  • incontinence;
  • nausea or vomiting;
  • cools as well as fever;
  • weight loss;
  • general weakness;
  • numbness;
  • the discomfort that spreads into your legs, particularly past your knees.


how to treat a pulled muscle

Pulled Muscle Healing

You should restrict regular activity for the first few days after your injury. However, resume it as quickly as you can afterward. Wait a few weeks before going back to an exercise regimen or sport.

Most people will be fully recovered within two weeks after the injury. If the pain isn't getting better after a week, go to a medical professional.


pulled back muscle symptoms

Muscle Strain Prevention

You can do numerous things to avoid straining your lower back, enhance it, and others that are precautionary. These consist of:

  • stretching and strengthening exercises;
  • walking, swimming, or various other light cardio training;
  • losing weight;
  • improving your posture while sitting and also standing;
  • be aware to prevent falls;
  • wearing supportive, low-heeled shoes;
  • sleeping on your side on a good mattress with your knees drawn up.


pulled back muscle treatment


While most individuals will eventually have discomfort in their lower backs, these injuries typically recover within numerous days. You can help hasten the healing process by gently stretching, applying ice packs, and using OTC topical lotions and oral medication.

Regularly working out to aid enhance your back muscular tissues can help avoid repeated back injuries. However, if you pull a lower back muscle and your pain doesn't vanish after several days, visit a medical professional.

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