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Neck Exercises for Neck Pain

Neck exercises are typically part of any therapy plan for neck discomfort. A regular neck workout program will commonly contain a combination of extending and reinforcing exercises, cardio conditioning, and perhaps trigger point exercises.

This short article focuses on neck exercises to soothe neck pain caused by posture concerns and the essential precautions before beginning such a workout program.

Benefits of Neck Exercises

When neck, chest, and upper back muscles become weak, tightened up, or lengthened, the shoulders might become rounded, and the head leans forward. In turn, this bad posture creates more stress on the cervical spinal column's facet joints with the intervertebral discs and the muscle mass and tendons.

Poor posture with the head leaning too forward may result in chronic or frequent neck discomfort that can also be accompanied by tightness of joints, upper back pain, shoulder blade pain, and migraines. The good news is, a neck workout program may have the ability to aid resolve most of these symptoms as follows:

Neck Stretches

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Flexibility and stretching workouts can expand or maintain the range of motion and elasticity in strained cervical (neck) joints and relieve the stiffness with accompanying pain. As a basic rule, neck stretching is best done daily, and a couple of these stretches can be done several times a day.

Neck Strengthening

Specific enhancing exercises can assist keep enhanced posture, which can minimize or eliminate recurrent flare-ups of discomfort. As a basic guideline, neck reinforcing workouts need to be done every other day to permit muscular tissues to repair themselves.

Aerobic Conditioning

Aerobic workout, typically called "cardio," is sustained by a consistent intake of oxygen and maintains the heart rate and breathing levels increased for the exercise duration. In addition, aerobic exercises boost blood circulation to the muscles and soft cells of the neck and top back, which can aid loosen the muscle mass and raise a series of activities. On top of that, after 30 or more minutes of cardiovascular workout, the body's natural painkillers-- called endorphins-- are launched and also can help in reducing neck discomfort.

Aerobic workouts can be done daily. Some excellent alternatives include using a treadmill, stationary bike, or an elliptical exerciser device, as well as an upper-body ergometer or arm bike. In addition, choosing a quick walk can be a good beginning for someone who has refrained from aerobic conditioning in a while.

Along with assisting offer relief for neck discomfort, these exercises can additionally help protect against future reappearances of neck pain by preserving a strong and flexible neck that normally holds far better posture.

How to Get the most Out of Neck Exercises

Depending on the patients’ medical diagnosis and pain level, different exercises might be advised for neck pain. Therefore, patients need a cervical spinal column expert, trained to evaluate neck pain and establish an individualized exercise program.


If the person's neck hurts way too much to do neck workouts, other treatments may be prescribed first, such as medicines to help in reducing the pain enough for the neck to start moving. Some other suggestions that might alleviate discomfort and make the workouts more comfy consist of:


  • Before work out, apply a hot pad to warm up stiff muscular tissues and joints and make stretching much easier.
  • After exercise, apply an ice bag (or icy bag of peas wrapped in a towel) to decrease swelling in the joints and muscular tissues.


If a neck exercise feels painful, it needs to either be adjusted or stopped. A doctor can assist ensure that neck exercises are performed in a manner that does not cause discomfort.

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