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Lower Back Pain to the Left Causes

Pain in the lower left back might originate from the underlying muscles, joints, middle back, or organs in the pelvic area. Muscle injuries and kidney pain are amongst the most common causes of one-sided lower back pain.

Back pain is widespread, and there are numerous possible reasons for it. The exact area of the pain is vital to identify its cause. Left-sided pain might originate from the kidneys, pancreatic, colon, or uterus.

Lower left back pain, or left flank pain refers to pain in the area above the hip or butts. People may feel a shooting pain under the skin or a dull ache inside the back, depending on the cause.


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Muscle or Tissue Injury

Mostly, lower back pain originates from a tissue injury. This might involve the muscles, bones, and ligaments in the spine, back, and also surrounding areas. Injuries in one area can radiate to other areas of the back.

Tissue injury pain is usually located in the center, yet it can strike the left or right of the back. Lower back strains are the most common source of lower back pain - and they also are the most usual cause of one-sided lower back pain.

A muscle strain in the lower left back occurs when the muscle fibers overstretch, causing inflammation. Along with lower back pain, symptoms may include:

  • a limited range of motion;
  • muscle spasms;
  • stiffness;
  • the discomfort that might worsen when getting out of bed.

Heavy lifting, twisting, or fall can trigger muscle strain. Poor posture or sitting in an uncomfortable position for too long can likewise cause discomfort in one side of the lower back.


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Slipped Disk

A slipped disk, also called a herniated disk, can cause pain to radiate from the central spine to one side of the back.

Small disks cushion the bones in the back. Each disk has a firm outside, called the annulus fibrosis, as well as soft material inside, called the nucleus pulposus. A slipped disk involves pieces of the nucleus pressing through a weakness or tear in the outside of the disk, which then presses on the nerves.

A slipped disk can start from a sudden injury or develop gradually because of wear and tear. Symptoms might consist of:

  • tingling down one leg;
  • discomfort on one side of the body;
  • back pain that worsens while walking.


lower back and kidney pain

Kidney Infection

A kidney infection can trigger a dull, hurting pain on one side in the lower back. Kidney infections are typically caused by bacteria that infect the bladder after that travels up to the kidneys.

Other symptoms of a kidney infection include:

  • foul-smelling pee;
  • dark, cloudy, or bloody pee;
  • fever;
  • chills;
  • nausea and throwing up;
  • frequent, painful peeing.

Adults over 65 may not experience these signs, but they may experience problems such as:

  • confusion;
  • jumbled speech;
  • hallucinations.


Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are deposits of minerals and salts that have crystallized and formed in a kidney. A stone might trigger one-sided lower back pain as it goes through the urinary tract. Symptoms might include:

  • painful peeing;
  • nausea;
  • high temperature;
  • blood in the urine.
  • Kidney stones do not always have a clear cause.


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According to the Arthritis Foundation, several forms of the disease can trigger discomfort in the lower back. In many cases, the pain takes place on only one side.

Arthritis that affects the back might result from inflammation or damage to the cartilage. Signs and symptoms vary, depending on the kind of joint inflammation, yet may consist of:

  • back stiffness;
  • swelling in the back;
  • decreased range of motion.


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Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas, which locates in the upper abdominal area, behind the belly. The pancreas makes insulin and also helps food digestion.

Pancreatitis might be severe and also begin suddenly or create gradually and also become chronic. Alcohol drinking problems or abdominal surgery can trigger this problem, and the inflammation can additionally be a side effect of particular medicines. Symptoms may consist of:

  • upper abdominal pain;
  • stomach pain that radiates to the back;
  • high temperature;
  • nausea.



Back pain on the left side in females can arise from endometriosis. This problem involves uterine tissues forming and collecting outside the uterus. Doctors are still not sure of the precise cause.

The discomfort from endometriosis can be occasional as well as occur on one side of the lower back. Additional symptoms include:

  • fatigue;
  • abdominal discomfort;
  • serious menstruation pain.


    left lower back pain treatment

    Treatment for One-sided Lower Back Pain

    Treatment for lower left back pain differs significantly, depending on the reason, which is why getting a correct diagnosis is essential.

    A medical professional usually performs a physical examination, takes a medical history, as well as reviews the person's symptoms before getting to a diagnosis. Tests, including CT scans, X-rays, MRIs, and also ultrasounds, are likewise helpful.

    When back pain originates from a problem affecting an organ, treating the underlying reason can decrease the pain. Examples of these treatments include:

    • Pancreatitis: A surgeon might remove a bile duct blockage or drain fluid from the pancreas.
    • Kidney stones: A physician might recommend drug or shockwave treatment to break the stones.
    • Endometriosis: A medical professional may suggest medication or surgical procedure removing excess tissue.

    When lower left back pain is caused by a musculoskeletal problem, try:

    • Rest. Although doctors hardly ever advise complete bed rest, it helps to limit activities that cause lower back pain.
    • Ice. Using an ice bag wrapped in fabric to the area several times a day can decrease inflammation as well as pain.
    • Heat. Using heat may also reduce lower back pain, mainly if it caused by muscle strain.
    • Drugs. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicines can lower swelling and also discomfort, as can prescription pain medicines and muscle relaxants.
    • Light exercise. Depending on the cause of the discomfort, light workout may lower pain as well as stiffness in the long term and help improve the range of movement. Yet anyone with back pain should consult a medical professional before starting an exercise program.

    Alternative treatments include:

    • acupuncture;
    • massage;
    • transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation (TENS).


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    When to See a Physician

    Lower left back pain differs in intensity. It might be mild and also ease within a few days, in which case home remedies can help. But in particular circumstances, it is essential to see a medical professional.

    Consider seeing a physician if the discomfort does not get better in 1-2 weeks or if it worsens. If symptoms as tingling, exhaustion, as well as muscular tissue weakness, are present, see a doctor to eliminate severe problems.

    Much less regularly, lower back pain comprises an emergency that requires prompt medical treatment. Look for immediate treatment if the pain is severe or accompanied by any of the following symptoms:

    • high temperature;
    • trouble moving the legs;
    • loss of bowel control;
    • loss of sensation in the legs.



    Lower left pain in the back can stem from a variety of concerns, consisting of issues affecting internal organs as well as musculoskeletal injuries or conditions. Accompanying symptoms and the area of the pain can assist a medical professional in identifying the cause.

    An individual can take steps at home to alleviate the pain, and symptoms usually reduce in a few days. When the discomfort is severe, or other symptoms trigger concern, you should see a medical professional. Therapy differs, depending on the cause.

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