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Lower Back Pain Caused by Stress

stress as lower back pain cause

Everyone has experienced stress in their life. However, what you may not have taken into consideration is that this stress could be the leading cause of your lower back pain.

Stress impacts the body in a variety of ways, from mood swings and headaches to weight fluctuations. Nonetheless, an often overlooked side effect of tension is neck and back pain. With time, repetitive bouts of stress and anxiety can trigger bone and joint issues in these regions of the body.

When we get stressed, the body naturally releases specific hormones. Adrenaline is associated with the ancient "fight or flight" phenomenon that heightens our high blood pressure, increases our blood supply, and also causes the muscles around our spinal column to tense and spasm in case we need to leave the source of the stress. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone; it interferes with a range of functions. Elevations in cortisol can result in loss of muscle mass and increases in fat accumulation.

Information released on suggests that grownups know stress affects their backs. Online survey participants ranked the No. 1 reason for their back pain:

  • Stress: 29 percent
  • Insufficient exercise/weak muscular tissues: 26 percent
  • Physical work: 26 percent
  • Obese: 25 percent
  • Spinal disc herniation: 21 percent
  • Sitting at a desk at the office: 20 percent

However, a certain level of tension is ever-present for most adults. While it's unrealistic to suggest removing all stress from life, we can take step-by-step actions to decrease stress and anxiety and reduce back pain symptoms in the house as well as at the office.


stress-related lower back pain

What is Stress-Related Lower Back Pain?

When we speak of treating stress-related lower back pain, what we are referring to is lower back pain in which mental and also psychological aspects have a crucial influence. This means psychological and emotional factors can start your back pain symptoms, or they are the root cause of your continuous discomfort.

Stress-related back pain is not a traditional clinical diagnosis, yet stress and anxiety might be one of the most frequent sources of back pain.


neck pain and stress

Neck Pain and Stress

Given its proximity to the head, the tension in the neck as a result of stress and anxiety can trigger muscle pain and also headache. Chronic neck pain additionally can create fatigue, depression, as well as irritability.

Likewise, when your posture is poor, such as straining to look at a computer or mobile device or hutching over your desk, unnecessary pressure happens in the neck muscles.


back pain and stress

Back Pain and Stress

We typically speak about neck and back pain as the middle back and lower back pain. Gradually, both affect your posture and also the way you walk, which can result in pain in the hips, knees, and feet.

Middle back pain includes muscles that are affected by breathing, including the chest and also shoulder muscles. When you're stressed, your breathing patterns change and create strain and pressure in the middle back. Your shoulders hunch up and cause pain throughout the upper and middle back.

Lower back pain includes the tailbone and lower back muscles. These muscles impact flexibility and posture. Lots of people become a lot less active throughout periods of stress, which means they stretch and work out much less. For instance, sitting at your desk for several hrs a day when you're swamped at work can stress the back and lower back muscles.

In addition to stress and anxiety, typical reasons for spine pain include excessive weight, poor workstation comfort designs, and the absence of workout.

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Physical level

A typical temptation for individuals that are experiencing stress-related lower back pain is to avoid exercise. This can be due to a variety of reasons, including concern of further possible back damage. In time, this lack of exercise leads to deconditioned lower back muscles, which consequently can increase your lower back pain.

The link between inactivity and increased pain is one reason why the physical level is a crucial part of nearly all therapy plans for stress-related lower back pain.

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The usual suggestion is to begin a routine of physical conditioning with a daily walk. Walking provides various benefits, including reinforcing the muscles around your abdomen and lower back, controlling your weight, and stimulating the launch of pain-fighting endorphins into your system.

You can begin a walking routine with 10 mins each day, and after that, gradually increase your walks up to 30 to 40 minutes. Over some time, your physician will likely recommend you adding strength training and also stretching to your physical fitness program.

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therapy for stress-related back pain

Therapy for Environmental Worries

A frequent contributor to anxiety is environmental factors. You may have recently lost your job, be facing severe economic hardship, or have suffered the loss of a close relationship - and also, the stress from these experiences may be causing your lower back pain symptoms.

It is commonly an excellent idea to find support through therapy to alleviate stress and anxiety triggered by environmental difficulties. A qualified psychologist can teach you methods to deal with, as well as lessen the causes of your stress. As an example, she or he can educate you to make a plan in advance, and likewise assist you in developing strategies to deal with the troublesome people in your life.


diagnosing stress-related back pain

How Stress-Related Lower Back Pain is Diagnosed

Unfortunately, the medical diagnosis of stress-related pain in the back is not used by most medical professionals. Except for those that are accepting mind-body impacts. As such, it is very not likely that your primary care medical professional (or clinical specialist) will broach the possibility of stress and anxiety being the primary cause of your pain.

When it comes to diagnosing stress-related lower pain in the back, the standard individual experience is that all other possible reasons for your back pain are first ruled out. These consist of underlying conditions like a herniated disc and degenerative disc disease, and also even more severe conditions such as tumors. In the vast majority of cases, after other causes are ruled out, people with stress-related back pain are identified with some "sprain-strain" (in traditional medical terminology).

After this diagnosis, it is then commonly up to the individual to make the possible connection between their stress and their back pain. When this possibility is brought up with your medical professional, a more fruitful discussion can then happen. Afterward, your medical care physician could be able to aid with a recommendation to the appropriate treatment specialist to deal with the connection between your anxiety and your back pain.

Treatment for Stress-Related Back Pain

Treatment Options for Stress-Related Back Pain

The first thing to discuss with your doctor if you have back pain is to determine its origin. It is essential to understand that no adult can expect to live one hundred percent pain-free or stress-free. Nonetheless, you can discuss ways to decrease pain and feel less strained.

  • Exercising and Stretching for Back pain Relief

Exercises can release endorphins and also improve overall wellness, which can aid in reducing stress. Make a habit of getting up during the workday and doing a couple of laps around the office every couple of hrs, or attempt a standing desk. At home, get time to workout. Physical treatment additionally can aid in relieving spine pain and also return your neck and back to ideal flexibility. A physical therapist can show you specific stretches to determine trouble areas in your neck and back.

  • Healthy Diet as a Treatment for Stress Reduce

When you eat well long term, your general health can improve, and also you will probably feel even more energetic. Healthy and balanced eating are crucial to weight loss - and achieving and maintaining a healthy weight offloads pressure from your back as well as improves your posture.

  • Find time in Your Schedule for Relaxing

Numerous people with pain in the back are extremely busy with work, family, and social commitments. Carve out time to read a book, hang around with friends and family, or practice mindfulness or meditation.


I'll leave you with one more tip for managing pain in the back. Remember that unhealthy options that some people claim can relieve stress and anxiety, such as drinking or smoking, actually can stress you out a lot more. The lasting physical and psychological consequences of these options do not surpass the short-term benefits of disturbance from the pain. Instead, see a doctor for a much healthier, longer-lasting back pain relief strategy.

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