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Interesting Facts about the Spine

spine facts
The spine is the backbone of our skeleton. The spine is not only the support of the whole body, but it provides a lightning transfer of data to almost all organs and parts from the brain and back. It is not surprising that it, like an indicator, reflects the general state and well-being.


The Number of Vertebrae Varies

It is quite normal that newborns may have more vertebrae than an adult. As a rule, the number of vertebrae during life varies from 35 to 33! The spine differs from other joints. As they grow older, they do not disappear anywhere, but simply grow together. Basically, such a fate is overtaken by the sacrum and coccyx. So, for example, some people in the coccyx may have only four vertebrae, others - five. It is known that in the cervical region, the person has 7 vertebrae, in the thoracic 12 vertebrae, in the lumbar region - 5 vertebrae. Up to 5-10% of people have 6 vertebrae in the lumbar region, and this is considered the norm. Slight variations in the number of vertebrae in the thoracic and cervical spine are less common.


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Changes in the Amount

Even within one day, the spine may decrease and increase to a very substantial extent. So, it was noticed that astronauts during their stay in orbit, sometimes grow by as much as 5 cm! And with daily workings, an adult man by the evening decreases in growth by 1-2 cm. This property is determined by the influence of the force of attraction. The spinal column is capable of withstanding loads of up to four hundred kilograms. And under the influence of gravity, it shrinks. That's why older people are getting lower.

There is only one way to deal with such a harsh reality - daily exercise. The practical experience of teachers and physicians has shown that the implementation of exercise complexes specifically aimed at improving the spine saves from the diagnosis of "osteochondrosis" in almost 100% of those engaged.


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The spine of a healthy adult person can withstand a vertical load of up to 400 kg! This strength is provided by the tissue fluid that fills the intervertebral discs, and the muscles fix them at a voltage and create a biostructure stronger than the concrete!



A few Words about Fractures

Men, due to temperamental and characteristic features, in particular, the propensity to take risks, are prone to spinal injuries. According to statistics, of all traumatized men account for about 81 percent of cases. With this trouble, another phenomenon is connected.

After a fracture of the spine, the hair on the body may completely disappear. The reason for this, the scientists themselves did not fully understand. According to one of the theories, as a result of this type of fracture, the connection between the brain and follicles is broken. The signal from the "main organ" ceases to flow, and the hair stops growing and then disappears into everything.


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The flexibility of the spine in a trained person is unique! Chinese circus performers show the number where they lean forward and, poking their heads between their legs, touch the chin of their sacrum! In the next movement, sagging back and thrusting his head just between the legs, but already from the back, the occiput touches the pubic bone of his pelvis. Thus, their spine is bent more than 360 ° in the sum of the motions. This is such a fantastic reality.
For example, the mobility of the spine and unmarried girls of the same age does not exceed 250 °.

In an upright position, the spine of any trained person can twist around its axis along its entire length and turn 180 ° to the left and 180 ° to the right, regardless of age. The biomechanics of the human spine determines such unique possibilities. It also allows the restoration of lost functions and facilitates the restoration of intervertebral discs, vessels, muscles, and ligaments.

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