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Incorrect and Correct Exercises for the Abs

abs exercises with back pain

The muscles of the abs are essential for the lumbar spine, and the loin, as is known, most often suffers from degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine (osteochondrosis). The muscles of the abs form a "belt-sash" which supports the upper part of the trunk and reduces the axial load on the lower back.

Chronic back pain in degenerative-dystrophic diseases is the result of instability in the spinal-motor segment (a set of ligaments and joints connecting two adjacent vertebrae). Loss of stability is due either to a weak muscular corset (the load is only on the spine), in such a situation, ligaments and joints wear out quickly, or with an inefficient load.

As an example, you can bring a car suspension. If any elements of the suspension are untenable, most of the suspension quickly breaks down. Driving in the pits kills the suspension, especially with a big load. In other words, if the structures of the spine can not resist the "usual" pressure (or unusual if the bag with cement is not lifted correctly) and pain arises, this is the result of instability.

Most people who have a backache know that exercise therapy, strengthening the muscles of the trunk is extremely important for the prevention of pain syndrome. However, it is necessary to perform the exercises correctly, otherwise, there is a risk of harming the lower back more.

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abs exercises with back pain

Our body is a sophisticated biomechanical complex. A lot of muscles, which have different attachment points and a different vector of traction, are responsible for the movement. Therefore, while flexing the trunk, not only the muscles of the abs act but also the muscles that attach to the spine (the ileal-lumbar muscle complex).


abs exercises with back pain

Look at what happens in the animation. Initially, a small man depicts the pull of the abs muscles, which are attached to the chest and bones of the pelvis. There is a bending of the body to a certain point. Next, the muscles of the abs do not contract but work as a stabilizer. With a further twisting, the lumbosacral muscle works (a small man grabs the second rope). Notice where it is attached (the top of the lumbar region). With the contraction of this muscle, there is a compressive load on the lower back, which has a very negative effect on the intervertebral discs.

abs exercises with back pain

Proceeding from this, it is necessary to forget people with back pain about the classical exercise on the abs, when there is a complete twisting.


abs exercises with back pain

As well as lifting the legs from a prone position


abs exercises with back pain

Or using a low backrest on this popular.

All of the above exercises are harmful if you have problems with your back. However, the abs can and need to be trained.

Exercises that You Can do if you have Lower Back Pain:

abs exercises with back painTwisting on the floor

It is important not to tear the lumbar spine from the floor!




abs exercises with back pain

 Twisting on in the hanging position

The main thing here is to curdle. You can stretch your legs, bending your knees.

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