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How Back Pain Starts?

Do you have lower back pain? You are not alone. Anybody can experience lower back pain any time, even if you did not have an injury before or any other risk factors. It is not always severe and also can improve by itself. But sometimes discomfort is your body's way of informing you that something is wrong.


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Why is Lower Back Pain such a Typical Issue?

The bottom part of your back generally has just five vertebrae - less than your neck or middle back. And these vertebrae do a great deal of hefty lifting! Your lower back is where your spinal column attaches to your pelvis, bearing the weight of your upper body. This area experiences a lot of activity as well as stress and anxiety. This can lead to wear, tear as well as injuries.


lower back pain causes 

What are some Typical Causes of Lower Back Pain?

  • Arthritis of the Back

Arthritis of the spinal column - the slow degeneration of the back joints - is one of the most frequent causes of lower back pain. Everybody experiences damage as we age, and it is ok for your lower back to begin acting up as you get older.

As the cartilage breaks down in between the spine joints, surrounding tissues may end up being inflamed. The inflammation and the thinning of cartilage will increase friction in the joints, which may cause lower back pain.

  • Back Injuries

A bad fall or a car crash can cause a lower back injury. However, so can carrying a laundry basket up the staircase. Some back injuries can be sudden and also traumatic, and some happen gradually. You may assume that athletes and active individuals get injured mostly because of their active lifestyle.

Yet this is not always the case. You are as likely to hurt your back while bending over to grab a sock from under the bed. It can be everyday tasks, like holding a child that causes back injuries when done incorrectly.

  • Herniated Discs

A herniated, or building disc, is a disc that has "spilled out" of its lining. This occurs most often in the lower back. The damaged disc may not always cause pain. However, even if it's painless, its contents can press on or irritate nearby nerves, creating discomfort in the lower back and other areas.


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Which Lifestyle Factors contribute to Lower Back Pain?

Three significant lifestyle factors may affect your chances of having lower back pain:

  • Numerous studies have developed a connection between cigarette smoking and lower back pain. Smoking cigarettes raises inflammation inside the body as well as hinders the body from recovering itself.
  • Being overweight is also related to some types of chronic pain, including lower back pain. In people with high body mass index (BMI), the pressure on the spine is increased, leading to more disks' wear and tear.
  • Your level of physical activity can likewise play a role in your lower back health. While an inactive way of living can boost your risk of creating lower back pain, so can extreme or strenuous exercise. Check with your medical professional if you are not sure concerning your level of training.


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Can Lower Back Pain be Related to Weather?

If you feel like your lower back pain increases on days when it's cold, or the weather is changing, you are not making up things. Back pain can undoubtedly be related to barometric pressure and outdoor temperature level.

Changes in pressure can sometimes trigger pain in arthritic joints, including the back. Muscles and also joints, in general, react to the environment, which can make them stiffer and also more likely to suffer an injury.


back and kidney pain

Could Lower Back Pain be Kidney Pain?

It definitely can. Kidneys are located on the backside of your body, and kidney pain can, in some cases, feel like back pain. The only real method to know for sure is to visit a physician who can carry out an extensive examination.

Learn more about back and kidney pain HERE


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What does it Indicate if Lower Back pain is Radiates into Legs?

Lower back pain can radiate to other parts of the body: up or down from its place of origin. Sometimes lower back pain can be on one side of the back, which is likewise typical.

If the discomfort is shooting from the lower back right into one or both legs, it can be sciatica (nerve pain), yet it's not always the cause. Numerous parts in the lower back might trigger the pain to radiate into the legs, such as facet joints, sacroiliac joints, muscles, or inflammation of the bursa.


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Can Lower Back Pain Signify Something Severe like Cancer?

Lower back pain can be related to cancer. It can be one of the first symptoms of prostate cancer when it metastasizes and creates lesions. Virtually any cancer can spread to the back, and some, like sarcoma, can originate in the spine. Be very careful, especially if you are experiencing other symptoms besides lower back pain. Speak to your medical professional if you have other symptoms or worries.

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What can I Do to Get Lower Back Pain Relief at home?

If your lower back pain has just started, the very best thing you can do is begin a log. Record your signs and symptoms, times, days, and which activities trigger the pain or make it better or worse. Take your notes to your physician if the pain does not stop by itself. It will make diagnosing the cause a lot easier.

Once you know which motion or pose creates your lower back pain, try to prevent it, and see if your pain improves. Icing the painful area can also aid. And over-the-counter pain relievers that aid in reducing swelling can help too. Keep in mind that pain reliever treats just the symptom - pain - but not its reason.


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When should I See a Physician if I have Lower back pain?

In a lot of cases, lower back pain stops by itself. But if it doesn't, here are some guidelines on when you should start looking for expert assistance:

  • If the discomfort lasts four weeks or longer;
  • If the pain worsens with time;
  • If you are experiencing other signs, such as fever, significant weight loss or weight gain, loss of function or weakness in extremities, bladder troubles, etc.


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Who should I see for Help with Lower Back Pain?

Your doctor knows you best and should be the first person to get in touch with if you have lower back pain. If he or she is unable to identify or treat the problem, you may get referred to a specialist, such as a rehabilitation physician (physiatrist). These experts practice a comprehensive approach to lower back pain and can identify and treat a variety of problems that have lower back pain as a sign.

Later, you may get referred to a physiotherapist, a chiropractic practitioner, or another specialist depending on the nature of your pain in the back. Fortunately, surgical treatment is hardly ever needed for lower back pain. Only about one in 10 clients need surgical treatment for back pain relief.

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