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The changing way of life appears to have had a result on most of our organs including our spinal column. Around 70-80% of the population a minimum of once in their lifetime have experienced some kind of back issue, while for a few it is a chronic issue.


Why is back health so important?

Back health is vital because the spine manages the body's essential functions. It is the spinal column that offers structural support to our body and helps us to preserve an upright posture. It protects the spinal cord & nerve roots and helps us to move and perform our daily jobs. Without a healthy spine, day-to-day activities like walking, getting up, and bending over can end up being extremely challenging. Even more, it likewise plays an essential function in transmitting sensory details like pressure, touch, cold, warmth, discomfort, and sensations to the skin, muscles, joints, and inter, stomach, Poor spine health can disrupt sensory responses and disable feelings in specific parts of the body. In later stages, it may obstruct motor functions of the nerve causing weakness.

Who is susceptible to poor back health?

People who are obese, who have had a previous history of injury to the back, who raise heavy objects regularly who sit for long hours and, those who have less direct exposure to the sun tend to develop spinal issues more frequently.

Signs of bad spinal health

Back and neck discomforts are the most typical initial symptoms. Progression of the problem leads to nerve compression & spine compression which leads to the event of feeling numb in hands & legs weak points and urinary disturbances.

How to keep a healthy spinal column?

An easy modification in way of life and food habits can help in keeping excellent back health. Some of how one can ensure a healthy spinal column are:

Taking extra care while raising weights-- Additional care needs to be taken while lifting heavy objects. While lifting an object one must attempt to stand near to the object bend only the knees and then lift. The back and head ought to be kept directly. Do not think twice to take aid if it's too heavy.

Office Adjustments-- Following excellent ergonomics at work can go a long way in guaranteeing a healthy spinal column. Keep the laptop computer or desktop at eye level. Use furniture, specifically chairs that provide enough support to the lower back. Do not sit for long hours in the very same position. Take breaks at routine periods and change the seating position as and when possible. 

Sleeping posture-- People tend to sleep on their side, stomach, or back. Avoid sleeping on the stomach, if it's a routine attempt to keep a pillow in between the legs so that the lateral position is preserved. For those who sleep sideways, the pillow height should be good enough and cover the neck to carry length, avoiding the flexing of the neck. A thin pillow will be enough for those who sleep on their back.

Exercise routinely-- Yoga and exercises keep muscles unwinded. It promotes great blood circulation in muscles and increases joint versatility, thus, making it a part of the lifestyle. Typical activities like strolling or swimming also keep weight under control and assist the muscles to stay active.

Healthy Eating Plan

Balanced diet plan-- Balanced diet plan with the correct amount of vitamins and nutrients helps in maintaining our general health together with the spine. Vitamin D3, calcium, and magnesium are some of the vital nutrients for bone and muscles. Vitamin D3 is naturally found in foods like fish, soft bones, Cod liver oil, egg yolks, and curd. Our body can produce Vitamin D3 when exposed to sunlight also. Green leafy veggies, fish, milk items, and legumes consisting of calcium and magnesium, for this reason consisting of these products in our food consumption can help us in keeping a healthy spinal column. Water intake assists to keep soft tissue electricity and helps in preserve disc height.


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