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Daily Habits that Can Cause Lower Back Pain

The aches, spasms you feel on your back can be activated by the most regular everyday habits, from doing family tasks to smoking cigarettes.

With age, the joints become stiffer and less flexible. Fluid in the joints may decrease; cartilage might begin to rub together and deteriorate; minerals may deposit in and around some joints. This is why individuals over 60 are more vulnerable to degeneration of the joints in the spine.

The rest of the population could suffer discomfort from certain things like lifting heavy items. However, below are 6 unexpected causes of neck and back pain you should remember.


lower back pain causes

Soft Mattress

An excellent bed mattress is imperative for not only an excellent night's sleep but also our overall health, including your back. Sleeping on a soft mattress can lead the weight on your back to be unequal, and activate the start of disabling neck and back pain. A 2003 study in The Lancet discovered sleeping on a medium-firm mattress compared to a firm mattress was two times as likely to improve back problems in individuals who experienced chronic low-back pain. A medium-firm bed mattress permits the structures of the spine to rest, and invigorate overnight.


phone talking as back pain cause

Talking On The Phone

Phones make it much easier for you to embrace poor habits when it concerns posture. Calling, texting, and emailing on your mobile phone can produce pressure on your neck, and travel all the method down your back. A 2009 study carried out by Temple University discovered that increased texting creates more aches and pains in your shoulders, neck, and back.

Postural awareness can assist in correcting phone-related neck and back pain. Excellent posture suggests that your head is upright, your ears remain in line with your shoulders, and your shoulder blades are down and withdrew.


habits that cause back pain

Doing Household Chores

Cleaning up and doing chores at home can often be a real pain, but not because of the reasons you have thought. A research study in the Spine discovered doing heavy household tasks like laundry, mopping, are among the most demanding chores on your back that require you to flex at the waist. This develops neck and back strain. Attempt to flex your knees slightly or squat to see what gives your back the least pressure.


sitting as lower back pain cause

Sitting Position:

I dislike when people discuss sitting posture and neck and back pain relief in the same sentence. In reality, it's the sitting that's trashing your back. I prefer a standing desk and sitting when required. However, if you must sit than follow these standards:

  • Have a couple of different options for your base. Example: I change between a stability ball, a stool, and a regular old office chair. This provides my joints variety and keeps me out of the same static position.
  • Keep your head, neck, and shoulders stacked upright at all times.
  • Move around more. Try various sitting positions (sitting in a position that triggers pain must not be thought of as one of your "positions" you utilize). One position I use is on the edge of my seat (sitting on my tailbone) with my legs open as wide as I can. This locks your hips into a neutral position). You can sit with your legs crossed, sitting on one leg with the other ended up in front of you and so on. It's everything about keeping from staying in a static position.
  • As soon as you start losing posture, change your sitting position. This will either require you to keep a good head, neck, and shoulder position or force you to be shifting and walking around continuously. This keeps muscles engaged and includes new muscles when you're in a new position. This prevents the overuse of the very same muscle group.


memory foam seat cushion for back pain relief

Seat Cushion Memory Foam

If you spent most of your work time sitting, this device is for you! Probably, after a long productive day, you might feel discomfort in your back and butt. So that you could fell tremendous and have no aches, you can use our Seat Cushion Memory Foam. It does not only provide comfort at the hardest surface but also corrects posture and helps with your sciatic nerve pain, arthritis, or scoliosis.


habits that can cause lower back pain

Too many Static Positions

What's normal at a cubical job is to use the chair they offer you together with the desk and computer. What's not typical is to have your own standing desk that gives you the freedom to walk around.

A lot of jobs will say no at first to this concept, but if you dig a little deeper, they really can't deny you a comfortable work environment. Specifically, if what you're seeking to do will improve health and productivity. You need to war against fixed practices.

Sitting for 8 hours a day. Standing in one position for 8 hours a day. Watching television for hours after work or traveling two hours every day without doing what's required to keep your body out of that pain cycle is a guaranteed ticket to the operating room.


lower back pain causes

Wearing High Heels Or Flip Flops

High heels offer style and long legs, while flip flops are more about comfort. However, both kinds of shoes could wreak havoc on your back. A 2010 research study in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine discovered many females complain about low back pain from wearing high-heeled shoes. They thought it causes increased lumbar lordosis - a curving inward of the lower back. Scientists discovered that high heels have a notable effect on the back. High heels put the foot at an angle and pull muscles and joints out of alignment, so the impact to the feet isn't limited.

Meanwhile, flip flops shorten your stride, which puts an unusual strain on the feet, hips, and lower back muscles. Flip flops put more pressure on the outside edges of the foot and less on the heel, triggering a minor rotation of the lower part of your leg. This changes the angle of the pelvis, increasing torsion of the lower spinal column, according to the Spinal Health Institute in Florida. Tightness and pain in the back region might become worse with time.


poor diet as back pain cause

Poor Diet

A diet that consists of processed foods and sugar might spike swelling in the body and trigger back pain. A 2014 study in the Asian Spine Journal found that about 31% of women and 25% of males who suffered from pain in the back likewise had gastrointestinal complaints, such as stomach discomfort or food intolerance.

The link between nutrition and neck and back pain is all about inflammation. Foods high in fat and sugar can trigger swelling throughout the body, consisting of the lower back. Selecting clean foods, such as a protein like lean meat or beans, an excellent whole grain like brown rice, and vegetables, can assist in preventing neck and back pain.

lower back pain cause

Walking Posture

The majority of people stroll like cowards. They shrug their shoulders. They look down and walk with more forward "falling" momentum then truly owning their gait and keeping their head, neck, spine, and hips stacked and aligned.

Try this: When you walk, drawl your shoulders back. Brace your core and look in front of you not down. Where your eyes are your body will generally follow. If your continuously looking at the ground, your head, neck, and shoulders will also. This forward-leaning position plays a big roll in how overactive your lower back muscles are, which might be triggering your pain.

    Looking Excessive with Your Head and Neck

    The Majority Of Americans (like me) have to stair at the keys when they are pounding away at their desks. Your posture might start fantastic at 9 am, but when the lunchtime hits, you won't be able to maintain a great head and neck position for the rest of the day.

    Try this: Whether driving or working at the computer, make a mindful effort to look with your eyes FIRST. If you can't do it with only your eyes, then move the head but still try to maintain a straight and rigid neck. This might feel strange at first but will be ok as soon as you create the habit.


    drinkingwater for back pain relief


    Water isn't always magical; it's what the water does within our body is magical. I'm not saying that just consuming water will cure your back pain. However, I will say this. If you find yourself drinking more coffee and soda during the day than anything else, consider yourself dehydrated. Your body doesn't do anything with coffee or soda when it comes to hydrating the organs. So those 4 sodas and half a pot of Folgers does not count for jack squat. Do not overthink, just begin consuming water.

    Try this: If you do not consume any water, aim for about 14 ml/ pound of body weight. Your discs are what need this hydration. When you sleep the discs fill with fluid while throughout the day typical movement and compression practically sounds them out like a sponge, don't fret, your discs aren't jerky by 5 pm but more liquids in the body promotes a healthy environment for your body to recover and deliver the nutrients it requires up and down your spine.


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    Do you spend most of your daytime sitting in one place?

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