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Thermo Sensitive Memory Foam Seat Cushion

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Memory foam's most unique quality is its temperature-sensitivity, which is what allows it to provide the custom-contouring for which the product is so famous. Memory foam was engineered with visco-elastic polymers that react to temperature by yielding and softening. That's why it can create a surface area distinct to the user whenever they utilize it, no matter what position. This holds for memory foam back support pillows, cushions, mattresses, toppers, reinforces, or any other product.

The memory foam's temperature sensitivity produces a valuable, one-of-a-kind product. That distinct performance attribute likewise means individuals may not be used to how it will behave compared to more traditional products. It is often incorrectly confused with latex foam. It looks like regular foam, and texture-wise, it feels like any other foam. However, visco-elastic memory products do not act in the method you can expect from a traditional sofa or seat cushion. And with its temperature-sensitivity being such a differentiating trait, only knowing how it can impact efficiency will provide you a better understanding of the product.

Here are a couple of things you can expect out of your memory foam product's efficiency with temperature:

1. Ambient space temperature level does affect memory foam products. Memory foam beds or pillows are kept in a space with higher temperatures. The product's physical structure will show minimized viscosity. Viscosity refers to the degree of fluidity in a material; for example, water has a lower viscosity than honey. Lower viscosity materials act more fluidly. Definitely, memory foam will stay a solid regardless of the temperature, but its flexibility will increase with temperature.

2. At cooler temperature levels, memory foam exhibits more rigidness and inflexibility. Memory foam can feel hard originally until the material will be exposed to heat. The temperature factor is necessary to comprehend as seasons, or environment changes may influence the efficiency of the material.

It should be considered that signs of failure or manufacturing flaws can simply be the material reacting to its surroundings. Memory foam working with cold and heat in a way that is consistent with its environment.

memory foam for back pain relief

3. Whether changing. In some locations, where the changing of the seasons is hardly noticeable, modifications in influence will likewise be small. However, there are environments where seasons are entirely different. Much of the foam's state depends on the temperature in a house. But usually speaking, homes tend to be warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter season.

It ought to be expected that upon using a memory foam pillow in the winter, it will at first feel firmer, and take longer for contours to form, as the product warms up. Reciprocally, a memory foam cushion in the summertime will soften more quickly, and take less time to form to your body. In any case, you will have a pressure-free, cloud-like surface area that will assist you in getting fantastic sleep!

4. As the material softens with your temperature, it retains the warmth and insulates it. Due to this, memory foam does tend to sleep more warmly than other products. This is something that comes down to individual preference and level of sensitivity more than anything. Covering fabrics will also have an effect on just how much warmth is carried out back to the sleeper. And though it's not going to resemble sleeping on a heating pad, memory foam will also be objectively warmer than something like a blow-up mattress.

There is an advantage to this, nevertheless, especially in colder months. As formerly pointed out, it may take longer for the product to initially soften in colder areas, but when it does, few bedding materials can create a cozier space. As you sink into the softness of memory foam bedding, more of your body is in contact with the material. This increases the heat it will assist on the coldest nights.

Certainly, memory foam is not a product for everyone. However, for the millions of people who have discovered it foam helped to get much better sleep along with their back pain problems.
Having a clear basis for efficiency expectations is the best way to ensure you get the most from your purchase!

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Memory Foam Seat Cushions

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