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Coccyx and Back Support Seat Cushion

The lower back and the region around the coccyx are especially susceptible to injury and also the development of pain. Fortunately, there is a cushion designed to help ease and prevent this pain - memory foam seat cushion.


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What Is a Coccyx?

The coccyx, also called the tailbone, is a little, triangular bone looking like a shortened tail located at the end of the spine. It is composed of three to 5 vertebrae or spine bones. The coccyx works as an attachment site for tendons, ligaments, and also muscles. The coccyx rotates under the body while sitting, so it can absorb your weight better.

Your coccyx and buttocks form a tripod that supports the weight of the upper body. It functions as an insertion factor for some of the muscles of the pelvic floor. The coccyx also supports and stabilizes a person while he or she remains sitting.

Usually, tailbone pain will go away on its own within a few weeks or months, yet if it proceeds, you should consult your doctor. In terms of persistent pain, it may be a fracture, degenerative changes, or, rarely, a tumor.


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Broken Tailbone as Back Pain Cause

Perhaps the most long-lasting reason for tailbone or coccyx pain is from a break, a fracture, or a dislocation. This can occur in different ways, whether it is from a traumatic accident (like a car crash) or from sitting too long.

As tailbone pain seems to be constant despite the cause of the discomfort, when trying to identify the issue, your physician might send you to do x-rays.

A break or fracture will usually show up on an x-ray, and although the treatment is the same for other tailbone injuries (such as a bruised tailbone), the healing time is much longer for a fracture. General healing time for a minor injury is up to 4 weeks, while recovery for a broken coccyx can last up to twelve weeks.

There are numerous treatments that physicians can suggest for coccyx pain, including the pain of a tailbone fracture.


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Treatment for Broken Tailbone

  • Physical Treatment

If your physician sends you to a physiotherapist, it is because you will need to learn workouts that are intended to help stretch the ligaments and strengthen the muscles that support the lower back. This might include massage therapy or alternating hot and cold compresses to lessen the pain. If several of the first tailbone pain was triggered by improper posture or by sitting long, your physiotherapist could additionally advise ways to ensure proper posture while sitting.

  • Drugs and Medications

If your discomfort is manageable with medicines, your doctor will suggest non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications. These medications consist of Advil, acetaminophen or paracetamol, aspirin, and naproxen. Your doctor may only prescribe small doses of drugs, or they might prescribe medication combined with other treatments to help with pain relief that may come as part of the treatment.

  • Surgery

Surgical treatment is an uncommon treatment choice for individuals with a broken coccyx, yet it may be necessary for those who do not respond to conventional therapy and other treatments. It might include the complete removal of the coccyx (coccygectomy) or the removal of only one or even more of the segments.

Surgical treatment has the longest recovery time, yet those who undertake it find that the long recovery is well worth it to be rid of the constant discomfort.

  • Seat Cushions

Seat cushions are specifically made for supporting the buttocks. Usually, they have a cut-out area to relieve stress on the coccyx. These cushions will compliment any of the other treatments already noted yet will certainly additionally aid with the prevention of tailbone problems.


Seat Cushion Memory Foam

If you spent most of your work time sitting, this device is for you! Probably, after a long productive day, you might feel discomfort in your back and butt. So that you could fell tremendous and have no aches, you can use our Seat Cushion Memory Foam. It does not only provide comfort at the hardest surface but also corrects posture and helps with your sciatic nerve pain, arthritis, or scoliosis.

Poor Posture as a Negative Effects of Coccyx Pain

Among the common side effects of coccyx discomfort is the development of poor posture. While this might not seem like an extremely severe condition at first, be assured that with poor posture comes a range of different issues that make it much more severe than you may think.

Poor posture will undoubtedly affect your back. It can create back pain (including the lower back or tailbone pain) and even whole-body pain with the misalignment of the back. For example, if you maintain a poor posture by jutting your head onward, it will affect your posture and, in turn, the rest of your body.

Back and body pain aside, there are numerous side effects of poor posture that you should know:

  • Food digestion

When you do not keep an appropriate stance, you risk squeezing your inner organs. This will impair your digestion as it compresses the space in your abdomen. Maintaining correct posture helps your body process food effectively by giving your stomach and intestinal tract enough space to do their job.

  • Cardiovascular Health

The very same pressure that poor posture and slouching puts on your stomach will also squeeze your heart and also lungs. It will impair circulation, which will make it harder for your heart to pump blood efficiently. Poor position lowers the oxygen that gets to your tissues. This reduction of respiratory system function will have a generally bad effect on your wellness and also body.

  • Varicose Veins

Poor posture might impair blood circulation. Veins naturally have thin walls, so poor posture and also bad circulation might lead to varicose veins, which can cause pain, discomfort, and restlessness.

  • Mood

Poor posture can also impact your state of mind and vice versa. Great posture appears to ease the signs of anxiety and also assists individuals to feel much better after challenging events.

Nobody with tailbone discomfort wants to have any type of added discomfort and other health problems. One of the very best ways to treat coccyx pain and also even prevent it is the back support foam. Let's take a better look at seat cushions and how they are helpful even before the lower back pain starts.


seat cushion for back pain

Why Use a Seat Cushion?

Designed particularly for the tailbone, the cushion is typically made from gel or memory foam. To relieve pain in the tailbone area, this pillow generally has a cut-out at the back. Using a seat cushion is vital for 2 factors: pain relief and pain prevention.

Unfortunately, we will only respond to our wellness after it starts to create issues. Tailbone discomfort is no different than anything else in that respect. How many of you have heard of a back support seat cushion before reading this? The back support cushion, unlike some other sorts of pillows, can be used to avoid the discomfort and pain that we are trying to fight. It is a simple yet ingenious, a cushion that can save us from going to the medical professional, and pain.

As was noted above, the coccyx can be injured in a couple of ways, and it can additionally trigger some severe discomfort that may limit your capacity to sit, walk, work, and function in your daily life. Utilizing a back support pillow will help relieve the discomfort must any of these occur. However, it can additionally help prevent the development of this discomfort and pain before it starts.

Flat, hard, and also commonly padded seating surfaces create pressure on your tailbone. This can cause poor posture, inappropriate back positioning, decreased blood flow, pinched nerves, and orthopedic issues. Use a high-quality back support pillow will aid in preventing these issues as well as the coccyx injuries mentioned before.


back support cushion for back pain 

Advantages of using a Back Support Cushion:

  • Pain Relief

Of all the issues that individuals face with their coccyx, the pain is one of the most serious. Therefore, a top-quality bak support pillow will certainly provide pain relief for the lower back and coccyx area. Even without consistent pain in the tailbone region, those people that sit for long periods will locate the coccyx cushion valuable as it is designed to decrease pressure on the base of the spine.

  • Gentle Support

In the same vein as pain relief, the back support cushion will also help with providing support for the lower back and tailbone area. A coccyx pillow alleviates pressure on the coccyx area and will aid in disperse body weight throughout the seat. It will fix your tailbone in a more comfy position; the cushion will help to push the pelvis a little forward delicately.

  • Posture Improvement

Sitting for long periods will frequently create you to slouch, bend forward, and also fidget to get comfy. This is a sure sign that you require some type of adjustment. Improper spine positioning can not just cause pinched nerves, but it can additionally cause poor posture, which will, with time, cause deterioration of flexibility, movement, and total joint health.

The back support seat cushion will provide the necessary support to help with improving your posture. It is designed to help slightly elevate your pelvis and also maintain your spinal column in a more upright pose. In doing so, it will assist in preventing bad posture and also the discomfort that comes with it.

  • Portable

Unlike various other ergonomic options that are constructed right into office chairs as well as the like, a back support pillow is fully portable. You can use this cushion in the car, on the bus, as well as anywhere you'll be sitting for a long time.

A back support pillow is a useful pillow to have and use when you need to avoid lower back pain and when you have received some kind of injury in this area. Nonetheless, not just any coccyx seat pillow will do. No, you deserve the very best, most premium back support seat cushion available. BOD Support Seat Cushion is the memory foam seat pillow you have been seeking.


back support cushion for office chair

BOD Support Seat Cushion You Need

To improve your sitting pose, lower pain as well as ensure that you prevent lower back and also tailbone discomfort you require to head out and also get yourself a BOD Support Seat Cushion. This high-grade seat pillow is ergonomically made with a coccyx comfort area to help remove pain in the back by reducing body weight pressure on the tailbone.

This seat cushion is made from its exclusive ultra-deluxe superior-top quality memory foam. The memory foam guarantees that this padding will certainly never get bumpy or go flat.

You can BOD Support seat cushion to reduce stress points, promote muscle relaxation, maximize blood circulation as well as aid in general back health. What does that indicate? Well, it means that you will be doing much less rocking and also shaking in your chair, trying to find that elusive perfect way to sit conveniently. It likewise implies that you will have fewer aches and also discomfort in your back and your neck.

The BOD Support Seat Cushion distributes body weight equally across the seat, alleviating pressure from your tailbone while permitting it to drift in the open space at the back of the pillow. The seat cushion does this to make sure that your coccyx is not compressed against the seat surface bearing the whole weight of your body.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a BOD Support cushion today!

Do you spend most of your daytime sitting in one place?

Because of that, you can feel pain not only throughout the workday or while driving but also damage your spine or feel constraint pain in your back. But don't worry - our products can help you with that. They do not only relieve symptoms of different health problems but also prevent injuries of your spine and correct your posture. Another thing is that they are suitable for wheelchair, plane, recliner, couch and stadium seats so that you could feel delightful wherever you go!

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