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Can Stress and Anxiety Trigger Lower Back Pain?

back pain and anxiety

For a long time, people have been able to accept that stress can worsen already existing lower back pain. However, it wasn't until just recently that studies showed that stress could cause back problems. Back issues originating from stress are "psychosomatic" or "psycho-physiological" conditions. Psychosomatic - is when a physical issue originates from a sensation or emotion. You can have a mix of real discomfort that begins to develop into psychological pain. For example, if you currently have back pain, you may have feelings of anxiety. Without taking care of your negative emotions, they can manifest into more discomfort.

It's a typical myth that psychosomatic issues aren't significant. Back pain from stress and anxiety exists, and it's more severe than you might believe. The truth is that the physical pain you feel is genuine and presents real danger. People who handle pain every day enter into a discomfort cycle that typically appears like this:

  • Issues are finishing basic tasks like bending over.
  • They are starting to fear the discomfort and limit activities more.
  • Less physical activity, therefore, back muscles weaken.
  • Discomfort levels rise and trigger the patient to stay in bed.

However, for other people, a healthy body can begin to experience back problems as tension and stress and anxiety grow.

What Causes Anxiety or Stress?

An excess of unfavorable emotions can cause stress and anxiety. Emotions like anger, concern, worry, or distress are normal sensations to have. Nevertheless, when you feel those sensations regularly, and not in stressful circumstances, it is frequently due to a chemical imbalance in the brain.

Some of the factors you are experiencing that can provoke an imbalance could include:

  • Environment
  • Genetics
  • Medical problems without a diagnosis
  • Brain Chemistry

When suffering from stress and anxiety or stress related to your back pain, it's best to get ahead of it. An appropriate back support cushion can support your spinal column and help in reducing any strain, which could also help you with your stress and anxiety.n and help in reducing any strain, which could also help you with your stress and anxiety.


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How to Deal with Anxiety?

To treat your neck and back pain, you'll require a way to lessen the anxiety you feel every day. Here are a couple of ways that can lower your stress levels:

  • Workout
  • Sleep
  • Self-help books
  • Vitamin supplements
  • Meditation
  • Healthy diet
  • Minimize caffeine
  • Journaling
  • Core stretches are another excellent method to ease tension and assist your back. Go sluggish while you finish the core stretches and focus on your breathing.

On your journey to reduce your stress, you have to be patient with yourself. Even after you have consistently been practicing mindfulness, you may discover yourself resorting to old practices.

It's normal to slip back into your regimen of fretting, irregular breathing, or feeling upset. It can take a while for your body to accept your new stress-free life. However, with patience, persistence, and consistency, you will stay away from lower back pain.

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