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Biking Tips for Your Spine

back pain on bicycle

There's nothing like a bike ride as you soak in the sun and race through the wind. Just keep in mind that while you're gaining ground and taking in the views, one unanticipated bump or collision can easily ruin the enjoyable. Recent U.S. data approximates that about half a million bike accidents result in journeys to the ER each year. Much of these injuries occur to the neck and/or back.

Here are some pointers to safeguard your spinal column while enjoying the outdoors on a bike.

Choose a comfy bike

If you have a back or neck condition that makes your spinal column more vulnerable to pain and bumps in the roadway, think of which bike type is best for you. Some individuals choose bikes with larger tires and more shock absorption to minimize shocks to the spine. Also, depending on your back and neck, some people may feel more comfy with a seat that has the head forward. But others might choose a seated position that is more upright or reclined.

Know your ability level and environments

It's typically said, "Once you discover how to ride a bike, you never forget." That might be true. However, your skill and endurance levels can change in time. While kids ages 5 to 19 have the highest rate of bike-related injuries, it is grownups ages 50 to 59 who have the highest rate of bike-related casualties. Anyone who gets on a bike - no matter whether they learned last week or last century - has to be sure the path is safe for his ability level. It could be years since you've ridden a bike or you're on getaway in an unknown location. It's easy to get in a circumstance where you can not manage the bike as well as you thought.

For instance, taking a bike trip in a stunningly gorgeous vacation destination might sound great. However, make sure to read online evaluations or ask concerns about hills, traffic, and intersections before your trip. If something about the bike route sounds unpleasant to you, such as steep hills or rush hour, it may be better to skip it.

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Do Not Consume and Ride

Sadly, many bike mishaps involve alcohol. Simply as you would never consume and drive, do not ride a bike if you are exhausted or impaired in any method. If a high-impact bike accident does occur, your head and spinal column are particularly susceptible to injury. In addition to using a helmet, it's finest to be alert when bike riding to reduce the chance that a mishap would happen.

Motorcyclists Also Need a Helmet

If you're a bike lover, make sure to use a motorbike helmet. There was an argument regarding a motorcycle helmet's ability to increase the danger of a neck injury in a mishap. But this theory is losing validity. The latest research suggests that it decreases danger for a severe head injury or death. A motorcycle helmet can also reduce your risk for a serious neck injury.

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