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Can Back Pain Make You Feel Sick?

Back pain and nausea or vomiting can usually happen with each other. In some cases, stomach pain can radiate to the back. Vomiting can additionally cause pain and also tension in the back.

Pain that radiates from the belly to the back might indicate liver or kidneys problem.


causes and symptoms of back pain and nausea

Causes and Symptoms

Some typical causes of back pain and nausea include:


  • Stomach virus or food poisoning

Gastroenteritis causes pain and inflammation in the abdomen as the result of an infection. Several types of infection can cause gastroenteritis, including norovirus and food-borne illnesses such as salmonella.

A person with gastroenteritis might experience extreme stomach cramping that radiates to the back. Seldom, the condition may trigger them to throw up so hard and so frequently that the muscles of the belly and back become sore.

Some home remedies you can try include restricting the diet to bland, easily absorbable foods such a wheat toast to ease the throwing up, and also drinking plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

Gastroenteritis usually improves by itself, yet an individual needs to seek medical care if they:

  1. can not maintain any kind of food down;
  2. develop any symptoms of dehydration, such as sunken eyes;
  3. continue vomiting longer than one day.


  • Liver health problems

Liver disease can also trigger nausea and pain in the back. Frequently, the pain occurs in the upper right part of the stomach then emits to the back.

Liver diseases such as cirrhosis and liver cancer might trigger discomfort that gets continuously even worse over several months.

Gallbladder disease, by comparison, can trigger discomfort that slowly worsens or pain that begins instantly. The gallbladder sits under the liver in the upper right area of the abdomen. An individual experiencing a gallbladder assault may report sharp, intense pain in the upper abdomen, especially after eating.

It is not secure to treat liver health issues at home. A person experiencing these symptoms need to either see a doctor or most likely go to the emergency clinic.

  • Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis is a condition wherein the pancreas becomes swollen. It can be either persistent or acute.

Acute pancreatitis might trigger sudden nausea or vomiting, in addition to pain in the upper abdominal area that radiates to the back. Other symptoms can include:

  1. a swollen or tender stomach;
  2. a racing heart;
  3. fever;
  4. milky or light-colored bowel movements.

Pancreatitis is a severe and possibly dangerous disease. An individual with symptoms of pancreatitis ought to not attempt to treat them at home. They require to look for emergency healthcare.

  • Kidney rocks or kidney infection

The kidneys rest on either side of the mid-back. Experiencing discomfort in this area, specifically, if it is just on one side, might indicate either a kidney rock or a kidney infection. The person might additionally experience nausea, and they might have discomfort that emits to the groin.

Lots of kidney stones pass on their very own; however, it is necessary to seek healthcare to examine them. A physician can also provide pain medication.

Kidney infections are very significant and can spread to various other areas of the body. A person with a kidney infection may additionally:

  1. have a fever;
  2. have chills;
  3. struggle to pee or experience pain when urinating.

For the most part, a physician will prescribe antibiotics.

  • Ulcer

An ulcer is a break in the membrane of the gastrointestinal system. It may appear in the stomach, intestinal tracts, or various other digestive organs. These injuries can bleed and cause extreme pain, especially after eating.

Some people with ulcers experience nausea and discomfort after eating. A lot of ulcers do not cause discomfort to radiate to the back, but much deeper ulcers, as well as those near the back, may create back pain.

To ease the discomfort of an ulcer, individuals can try:

  1. taking antacids;
  2. making nutritional changes;
  3. changing position after eating.

It is crucial to see a doctor for ulcer-related discomfort. They might recommend prescription medicine. They will also have the ability to dismiss various other reasons, such as pancreatitis.

  • Diverticular disease

The diverticular disease causes tiny sacs to develop in the lining of the colon. It is widespread, especially as people age.

Some individuals may create a kind of swelling called diverticulitis. This occurs when the sacs become inflamed. The bags might even develop agonizing infections.

Diverticular disease does not always create symptoms. Nevertheless, if they do happen, symptoms may consist of:

  1. stomach discomfort;
  2. pain that radiates to the back or groin;
  3. diarrhea;
  4. constipation;
  5. swelling in the abdomen.

If an individual does not seek treatment, diverticulitis can cause blood loss, and also it may even puncture the wall surface of the colon. Because of this, anybody experiencing back pain, stomach problems, or nausea needs to see a doctor.

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When to see a physician?

It can be hard to tell one reason for nausea and pain in the back from another. It is best to err on the side of caution if signs are severe.

An individual should consult a physician if they experience any these symptoms:

  • nausea or vomiting that lasts for several days or obtains progressively worse;
  • pain in the upper right section of the abdomen;
  • intense belly discomfort or itching during pregnancy;
  • abdomen discomfort that worsens after dishes or complies with a particular pattern over days or weeks.

An individual should go to the emergency clinic if they experience:

  • signs of pancreatitis, such as pale stool or stomach pain and fever;
  • intense abdomen discomfort that feels excruciating;
  • symptoms of a kidney stone, such as extreme back pain that radiates to the groin.


treatment for back pain and nausea


The best treatment depends upon the source of the discomfort. Some treatment options consist of:

  • consuming more fiber;
  • changing the diet;
  • drinking more water;
  • eating smaller or more frequent dishes;
  • avoiding certain foods, such as very fatty or acidic foods.

A medical professional may advise a series of treatments, including:

  • taking medication for ulcers;
  • undergoing a surgical procedure to deal with diverticulitis;
  • going to the medical facility, to ensure that physicians can keep track of the symptoms of pancreatitis;
  • receiving intravenous fluids;
  • undergoing surgical treatment to remove gallstones.


back pain and nausea while pregnancy


Pregnancy boosts the threat of both nausea and back pain. The pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin triggers a variety of symptoms in the first trimester, which occasionally last into the second trimester. Among one of the most typical symptoms is nausea with or without throwing up. Some women additionally observe a boost in back pain.

As the pregnancy proceeds, the uterus and also child put more pressure on the body. Women may develop pain in the back from this added strain, or from the weight gain that occurs while carrying a baby. Later in pregnancy, some females experience nausea as a result of the press on the organs from the uterus.

Nausea and pain in the back during pregnancy can be irritating but do not typically signal a severe problem. Nevertheless, in the second or 3rd trimester, some females create a liver problem called cholestasis.

Some symptoms of cholestasis include:

  • nausea or loss of appetite;
  • discomfort in the upper right part of the abdomen;
  • dark urine;
  • yellow eyes or skin;
  • belly discomfort that emits to the back.

One of the most common and recognizable symptoms of cholestasis is itching. Females who have extremely itchy skin along with a backache or nausea must call their healthcare provider.

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